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Belgian buildings.
Belgian Buildings.
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Walking in and smelling the baked goods always brings back memories. Our mother baking on the weekends. Our trips to see family in Europe. Our dad going from restaurant to restaurant to sell baked goods from his car. These experiences are something we wanted to bring to as many people as possible.

So, we decided to do it.
Ingrained in HartyBake culture is a sense of home. We want to bring this firsthand to our employees and customers. We want you to be a part of our traditions and the comfort they bring. Our father always said to have a vision, a goal, and to never lose sight of it. So we stay focused on our goals as a close knit team and continue the same passion our parents have.
Throughout the years, our team and facility have grown, but there’s one thing that will always be the same... This is still a place where ideas are passionately baked to perfection. Passionate culture. Traditional process.

HartyBake. A true craft bakery.

Have you met the 
driving force behind
Hartybake yet? 

Meet the brother & sister duo, Mike & Tanja, leading the Hartybake team!

Image of the owners, Mike and Tanja.
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