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Innovation is at the heart of our bakery

Whatever your ideas are, they need the right place to rise to their full potential. Hartybake is a creation bakery. We bake your needs to perfection.

We bring more than ingredients to the table.

Our seasoned history and traditional process caters to your needs. We use quality ingredients and are always baking up fresh passion. The only thing missing is your next idea!

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  • Our collaborative and innovative recipes blend perfectly to satisfy your needs both large and small.

  • Whether your next idea requires domestic or imported ingredients, we can bake your needs to perfection.

  • Our innovation center expedites the research and development process so we can sample and test ideas quickly. We can work from a thought, researching the possibilities, developing the recipes, and testing the samples until we get the formula just right.

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Flexible packaging options

Mastercase cardboard box.
Individually wrapped waffle.
Six individually wrapped waffles.

Are you looking for an exciting new private label opportunity, or want to add something a little different to your menu? Our team is happy to work with you and develop the packaging you need to be successful. Our facility can produce bulk packed waffles, individually wrapped, or multi-pack options that will fit whatever your needs may be.

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Tall stack of Liege waffles.
Vector graphic of a Liege waffle.
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School Ready Recipes

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Individually wrapped!
2 Whole Grain Credits
Ready to eat!
No syrup needed!
5 grams of Protein

Assortment of scattered crayons.
Maple flavored Liege waffle.
Assortment of scattered Crayons.
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